Long-term Rentals

…Financial offers & discounts

3-month - 6-month rental program

from 8,90€ / per day

Applies to a limited number of cars.

The program is aimed at individuals and professionals:

Category: Peugeot 108 Open Top (Model 2020)

From 8,90€ / per day plus VAT (24%)

The offer is valid for a minimum rental period of 3 months, offering monthly:

Rental Terms & Conditions

  • The prices do not include VAT 24% and are valid per day of rent for a total duration of 3-6 months.

  • Driver age limit 25 years
  • Guarantee of 1 monthly rent.
  • The monthly rent is prepaid at the beginning of the car rental.
  • Add of additional driver charge € 30.00 per month

For Long Term Leasing please contact with us