Frequent questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequent questions

Plan Rental Car

Frequently asked questions and answers about car rental in Athens by Plan Rent a Car. Find all the answers for your rental.

Vehicle pick up

Frequently Asked Questions about picking up the vehicle

Credit or debit card

The driver must present a credit or debit card in his name for the receipt of the vehicle.

The card must have sufficient funds to secure the payment of the rental amount and the coverage of the amount of own damage exemption which depends on the vehicle category and the additional insurance packages that you have chosen.

Credit or debit cards accepted: 

Visa, Mastercard

Not accepted:

American express, Diners, prepaid cards, and cards not bearing the name of the owner.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash as a guarantee.

Valid driving license issued at least 12 months ago in a European Union country. For countries outside the European Union the guide must also have an international driving license which is accompanied by a local one.

Minimum age is 23 years, for the categories of mini vehicles: Α.Β. & economy – compact: C.C1.N. and 25 years for the family vehicle categories – SUV: D, G. The maximum age is 75 years.

In addition to the driver’s license, the driver must present a valid passport or identity card.

Vehicle Booking

Frequently asked questions about booking the vehicle

Upon successful completion of your reservation you will be sent a confirmation email. Please check that all the information you entered is correct.

You can modify your reservation up to 48 hours before the scheduled date and time of receipt of the vehicle. Select the section “Reservation Processing” you will be asked to fill in the reservation number and email address. Changes may incur additional charges.

 The reservation is made for a specific vehicle category and not for a specific model, which includes several models with similar characteristics. However, you can state your preference for the model you want upon receipt of the vehicle and, if there is availability, we will serve you.

The card must be in the name of the driver or one of the additional drivers to be stated in the rental contract. Third party cards not mentioned in the contract are not accepted.

  • Cancellations for a period of at least 48 hours before the scheduled date and time of the start of the rental will not be subject to cancellation fees and any amount you pay will be refunded. 

  • In case of cancellation less than 48 hours from the scheduled date and start time of the rental, no refund will be given for any amount of money you have paid.

  • You did not show up at all on the scheduled date and time of receipt of the vehicle. 

  • You did not have enough credit or debit card balance available to cover the rental and warranty of the vehicle.

  • You did not provide the required documents to pick up the vehicle.

  • You wanted to cancel your reservation, but did not notify before the 48-hour period.

In all the above cases, you will not be entitled to a refund.

You can add an additional driver to your contract if you meet the terms and conditions, there will be an additional charge for each additional driver according to the current price list.

Unlimited, for rentals of 3 days or more. Limited, rentals 1-2 days include 200km. the day. Charge for each additional kilometer 0.07 €, including VAT.

Our representative will meet you on arrival at gates 1 or 5 to pick up the vehicle. Please have your mobile Tel. in operation that you have stated in the booking, so that we can contact you.

In case you do not have a phone available on arrival, you can state it in your reservation in the comments field. In this case our representative will meet you at the arrivals hall with a label having your name on.

It is possible to return the vehicle to a different location than the one you stated in your reservation. You can pick up the vehicle from our company offices and return it to the airport or to another Plan service point. In case you choose the delivery-pick-up service in a location that is subject to charging fees, the cost will be calculated and added to the rental cost.

The vehicle must be returned on the scheduled date and time as stated in the rental agreement, otherwise charges will be imposed according to the current price list. The driver has the option, once a special contract has been signed, to extend the rental period for a longer period.

You can return the vehicle earlier than the scheduled delivery date of the contract. However, you will not be able to get a refund for the time you did not use the vehicle.

Fuel Policy: Full-Full

If you receive the vehicle full of fuel (Full) be sure to return it with the same quantity you received it to avoid any additional charge for refueling costs amounting to € 15, including tax. In some cases you may pick up the vehicle with a lower fuel level than a full one, in which case the customer will be charged only the difference between the amount of fuel and no refueling charge will apply.

You should contact the company’s roadside assistance (24-hour coverage throughout Greece). Contact details and detailed information will be mentioned in the rental agreement.


Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance

Rental price includes basic CDW (gross) insurance, TP (theft protection), and third party insurance.

The amount of liability that the customer will pay in case of accident or theft is the maximum amount of liability for own damages and depends on the category of the vehicle and the additional insurance packages he has selected. You can check the amounts of liability during the booking process.

During the process of your booking, you can choose the additional insurance packages and further reduce the amount of liability for own damage to the vehicle.

See in detail the additional insurance packages in the field (extras) additional insurance packages.

With the addition of T.G. you are completely relieved of your responsibility for damage to the tires and windows of the vehicle.

If you choose the FTP package, you are completely relieved of your responsibility for theft in the rental vehicle.

In case of accident or any other incident such as theft, etc. the tenant must follow the following procedure within 24 hours:

  • Immediately notify the accident care Tel. + 30 210 9310 807.
  • Record the identities and addresses of eyewitnesses as well as any person involved in the incident.
  • Do not recognize any third party claims at all.
  •  Contact Plan immediately. Tel. +30 216 1000 690
  • Collect any relevant information, as well as any document or item (e.g. photos, names of those involved).
  • Complete and sign an affirmation (accident declaration) at the rental company.

It is forbidden for the car to leave outside the Greek borders.

Yes, it is allowed to transport the vehicle by ship, however you must declare it to the company as in some cases a special written permission from Plan is required.

The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours).

The maximum rental period is 6 months. The driver has the option, once a special contract has been signed, to extend the rental period for a longer period.