Relatively with the driver

What is needed to rent a vehicle from Plan rental car?

Must be at least 23 years old for categories A, B, C, C1, C2 and CD. For D, D1, E, E1, F, F1, G, H vehicle categories must be over 25 years of age.

Be a credit card holder, accepted by Plan Rent Car, for the option of guarantee, advance and rent payments (for unpaid reservations).

To have a driving license for at least 1 year. The driving license is Greek, European (for EU countries) or international (for non-EU countries). For more information on the acceptable driving license by country, click here.

Who can drive the car of Plan rental car?

Only drivers listed as drivers are permitted to drive the car of Plan Rental Car.

Does Plan rental car permit extra drivers?

Does Plan rental car permit extra drivers?

Relatively with the car

Is it possible to return the car in other point of service of Plan rental car from the initially agreed?

  1. During the rental

Yes. You can return the car to a location other than the one you had planned at the start of the rental, provided you inform the Plan Rental Car at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled return date and time.

  1. Before picking up the car

If you have booked and would like to change the delivery or delivery locations you will need to modify the reservation using your reservation number.

The rental price may change and additional charges may apply depending on the location of delivery or receipt you have selected.


What should I have with me at pick up the car?

You need a credit card:

The driver must present a Credit Card in his name to receive the vehicle. The card will be used as a guarantee to cover the CDW – TP own loss liability amount.

Credit Cards Accepted:

Visa, Master card and some debit cards


American express, prepaid and cards that do not include the name of the holder.

Conditions of Diploma

At the commencement of the hire, the driver and any additional drivers are required to produce a valid driving license that is valid and issued at least one year before the date of receipt of the vehicle in a European Union country.

For countries outside the European Union where the national driving license is not in Latin characters, the driver is also required to submit an International Driving License.

Identification Forms

In addition to a driving license, the driver must present a passport or identity card.

Τhe car tank when I receive is it full or empty and how should I return it?

Full to Full (Full – Full)

Plan Rental Car Fuel Policy is (Full-Full)

In some cases you may pick up the vehicle with less fuel than full, in which case the vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel delivered.

Be sure to return the vehicle with the same fuel you received to avoid any additional charges.

What is the policy on off-road driving?

Driving the vehicle off the asphalt road is prohibited.

Can I remove the seats from the car?

No this is prohibited.

What is going to happen if I return the car lately?

The vehicle must be returned at the exact scheduled date and time as stated in the rental contract, otherwise charges will be charged according to the applicable Plan Rental car price list. Exceptions are cases where the driver has extended the rental with the written approval of Plan Rental car.

What is going to happen if I return the car sooner?

In case of early return of the vehicle from the rent, the remaining amount of the rent will not be refunded or compensated.

How should I act in case of technical issue?

You should contact Plan Rental Car Roadside Assistance (24-hour coverage throughout Greece) for contact details and detailed information to be mentioned in the rental agreement.


What should I do in case of accident?

In the case of an accident or any other incident such as fire, theft, etc. The lessee is obliged within 24 hours to follow the following procedure:

  1. Immediately notify the competent police authorities.
  2. Record the identities and addresses of eyewitnesses as well as any person involved in the incident.
  3. To recognize absolutely no third party claims.
  4. Contact the lessor Plan Rental Car immediately at +30 216 1000 690
  5. Collect any relevant information, as well as any documents or items (eg photos, names of parties involved).
  6. Complete and sign a relevant accident statement.
  7. The vehicle is repaired by the lessor.

Can I travel outside Greece with the rented car and which is the procedure that I have to follow?

Renting outside the Greek border: Car outside the Greek border is prohibited.

Related with the online booking

How am I doing the online booking?

Just fill in the information we ask for in the ‘Booking’ field, which you will find on the homepage of the Website. These are:

The Plan Rental Car service point where you will pick up and deliver the car. If the service point is different, select the ‘Vehicle will be returned to a different point’ field.

The dates and times of receipt and delivery.

The type of car you want to rent.

The promotional code, if you have one. Then select the car category and payment method you prefer and complete your reservation by filling in the driver and payment details you will be asked for.

Should I choose a specific brand of car or model?

No, the reservation is for a specific car category, which includes several models with similar characteristics. You can declare your preference when picking up the car and we will assist you if there is availability.

Which is the highest/lowest duration that I can book a car through Plan rental car?

The minimum rental period is one (1) day.

The maximum rental period is 3 months. The driver may extend the rental period for a longer period if he receives written approval from Plan Rental car.

WillI receive a confirmation for my booking?

Upon successful booking, you will be sent a confirmation of the booking to the email address you provided during your booking.

How can I make change at my booking?

Using the manage – booking field you can change the time of delivery or pick up of the vehicle on the site and add or remove additional equipment and facilities, you will be asked to enter your e – mail and booking number.

What happened if I cancel my booking? There is an extra charge?

If the reservation is canceled at least 72 hours before the scheduled date and time of the rental, no cancellation fees will be charged and any advance payment will be refunded.

Should we request cancellation less than 72 hours after the scheduled rental date and time, no refund will be made.

What happened if I don't show up at the car pickup? There is an extra charge?

Failure to appear or cases listed below: They did not appear at all on the scheduled delivery date and time of the vehicle.

You wish to cancel your reservation but did not inform before 72 hours.

You do not have the necessary documents to pick up the car.

You did not have enough credit card balance available to cover your vehicle warranty.

In all of the above cases, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Plan Rental Car reserves the right to refuse the car to any customer who cannot meet the terms & conditions.

Can I make a booking with credit in which I’m not the holder?

No. The credit card must be in the name of the driver or one of the additional drivers stated on the rental contract.

Which is the amount of responsibility that is applied for my car?

You can see the amount of liability in case of damage or theft depending on the car category you selected in the table below.

440 € VAT incl. Car categories: A, B.

$ 540 plus VAT for the car categories: C, C1, C2, CD.

$ 640 plus VAT for the car categories: D, D1.

$ 750 plus VAT for the car categories: E, E1, F.

€ 1,150 plus VAT for the car categories: F1, G, H.


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